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Get To Know About Rubbics Digital Solutions

We are dedicated to providing your businesses with top-tier digital marketing.

Rubbics specializes in helping businesses expand through social marketing tools like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We even create hyperlocal social media marketing campaigns to reach potential customers in your locality!

  • Increase Brand Visibility

  • Drive Web & Social Traffic

  • Build Customer Relationship

  • Beat Your competition


Why Is Social Media Marketing Necessary for Businesses?

Social Media Marketing Services USA is necessary for success in today’s business landscape.

Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness

Social media platforms allow businesses to reach a broad audience, showcase their product/service offering, and gain recognition with millions of active users worldwide. They offer businesses the perfect way to raise brand visibility.

Build Customer Relationships

Using social media for marketing allows engaging customers, addressing requests, and gathering feedback. This can help develop strong customer relationships, loyalty, and the brand over time.

Drive Website Traffic

Engaging successfully in social media can result in higher website traffic for your business, which may generate leads and conversions that lead to new leads and sales opportunities for you.

Pace Your Competition

More businesses must utilize social media marketing for a competitive advantage and pay attention to it in their strategy, which risks falling behind competitors and losing potential customers.

Cost-Effective Marketing

By leveraging social platforms successfully through optimized strategies and tools, businesses can interact with audiences, promote their brand, and gain tangible benefits without heavy spending.

Offering a Full Scale Digital Support that Your Business Needs to Grow!

5 steps process

Our Process

Identify the

We conduct a comprehensive audit of business products & services and market practices to understand the need.

Strategize with
Relevant Services

Create a detailed strategy based on the services required, platforms needed, and timelines to be met.


Competitor research with an in-depth analysis of best practices to support our strategies.


A detailed launch plan for the suggested services, timelines, and stages identified with correctly set tracking process flows.

Analyse & restrategise

Initiate execution of the suggested strategy, align team efforts, achieve KPIs, analyze results, and strategize for the next steps.

Our Benefits

At Rubbics, we’re dedicated to making your business stand out online with our social media marketing services in the USA. Here’s why you should choose us:


Social media marketing refers to gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Marketers make posts, pictures, and videos to share on these sites. They want people to learn about their brand, get more customers, and sell more products. 

Marketers test different types of content to see what people like. They also pay to promote some of their posts. Marketers watch how many people see, like, and share their content. This helps them know which messages and sites are best for talking to customers.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing social media channels for your marketing:

  • Audience demographics – Where does your target customer spend their time online? Look at platforms popular among your audience’s age, gender, location, etc.
  • Industry/ niche – Certain platforms may be more relevant for certain industries. For example, Pinterest is great for lifestyle brands, while LinkedIn excels for B2B.
  • Content format – Consider how your brand communicates – with images, videos, and long-form articles. Choose platforms that fit your preferred content types.
  • Measurement goals – What do you want social media to achieve – brand awareness, leads, sales? Channels vary in metrics that matter most.
  • Budget and resources – Managing multiple networks requires time/money. Given your constraints, start with the top 1-2 that fit the above factors.

Organic vs paid – Some platforms are better for organic reach, others more pay-to-play. Consider a strategy for both.

Here are some key ways to assess the success of your social media marketing campaigns:

  • Engagement rates – Look at likes, comments, and shares for organic posts. Aim to increase these metrics over time.
  • Follower/fan growth – Are your channels gaining more followers each month? This shows interest is growing.
  • Link clicks – Track how many clicks your social ads and posts get on destination URLs/landing pages.
  • Conversions – Monitor sales, signups, or other goals directly attributed to social campaigns.
  • Sentiment analysis – Gauge positive vs negative feedback on brand mentions across platforms.
  • Traffic sources – Check what percentage of site visits come from social networks in your analytics.
  • Lead/list growth – Are qualified leads or email subscribers increasing from social promotions?
  • Cost per lead/conversion – Measure ROI by calculating costs against ultimate conversion values.
  • Viral spread – Successful campaigns will be shared more organically by followers, too.
  • Contextual metrics – Benchmark against industry/category averages when available.

Qualitative feedback – Get input from customers interacting with your presence.

Pricing Plans

Affordable and Flexible Pricing Plans Tailored to Your Business Needs.

Standard Package

End-to-End Social Pages Management
$ 200
  • 20 Monthly Posting (1-2 Platform)
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Posts Designing & Graphics

Business Package

Multiple Social Platforms Management
$ 500
  • 30 Monthly Posting (4 Platforms)
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Posts Designing & Graphics

Premium Package

Custom Content Creation Including Videos and more
$ 1000
  • Everything in Business Package
  • Videos and Custom Content Production
  • Social Engagement (Quora, Reditt, etc)
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Affordable & Flexible Pricing Plans Tailored to Your Business Needs

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