Who Uses Digital Marketing

Who Uses Digital Marketing?

If a business is small or big, and it wants to lead the market then the use of digital marketing is a must. It helps businesses track real-time data and be a step ahead of their competitors in the market.

All these things can be used to increase the brand image so that people know the brand products and the services that they sell.

Moreover, the types of digital marketing have also helped brands choose a specific customer base and target that with different marketing strategies. Some of them could be social media marketing, content marketing and SEO.

With so many brands in the market, it might be difficult for a new brand to compete with the big companies.

However, it is possible if you hire digital marketing agencies like Rubbics that are leading the brands in their business venture. It optimises the brand website and content in such a way that it pulls the most traffic which then increases the brand’s ROI.

If are you ready to dive deeper into the study of digital marketing and want to know who uses digital marketing then this article is for you to read.

Who Needs Digital Marketing The Most?

There are many brands in the market and they all have different categories. Some of them could be related to food, clothing, fitness, ecommerce or the retail industry.

All these brands need to do marketing as they have many competitors. They all need to be unique in their marketing strategy if they want to sustain against their competitors in the market.

More than 21% of social media users use it to follow some influencers. This means the brand can use strategies like influencer marketing to collaborate with famous influencers.

This way they will be able to reach a wider audience who have an interest in the brand and could be a potential buyer of the brand’s products.

Businesses and brands that are new in the market and have limited resources should use digital marketing to get market exposure.

Once they can reach their target audience, their sales will increase and they can use some advanced marketing strategies to be more specific in audience selection by targeted marketing.

Companies That Use Digital Marketing

Most of the people now rely on online shopping. This is the reason why most of the offline businesses are now aiming for a good online presence. Following are some of the brands or companies that use digital marketing to reach their target audience:

Ecommerce Store

There are many brands or ecommerce stores that have products on their website. Thus, they mainly rely on the traffic that comes to their website.

These brands and stores use social media marketing to get a customer base so that they can increase the traffic flow to their website which can then increase the sales.

Moreover, there are other ways these ecommerce stores use digital marketing to grow their business. They engage with their customers via their social media platforms and build trust among the clients.

This helps in understanding the customer needs and what satisfies them which can then be used to modify the ads accordingly.


Many people wonder who uses digital marketing and yet they don’t know that more and more of the local retailers are shifting towards online businesses.

Thus they use digital marketing to build an online presence across different social media accounts so that they can get the most traffic to their website.

Email marketing and social media marketing are mostly used by retailers as they reach the targeted audience so fast and efficiently.

This way they become able to increase their online sales and compete with other big-label companies in the market.


The business that highly relies on digital marketing is the restaurant and bar business. It is because most of the people do online searches about the best restaurants.

Thus, most restaurants use content marketing to produce content related to their restaurant and get it ranked on Google so that it shows up on the top when someone searches on the internet.

On the other hand, the brands also use digital marketing to target their audience. They use it to spread the deals and current offers on the bar via eye-catching visual ads or video ads. This engages the people and influences them to check out the bar.

Online Brands

There are many of the brands that are online and they need traffic on their website to increase their sales or even to run their business.

Therefore, they utilize digital marketing to know about the current market trends. They then design the ads that resonate with the audience’s interest and satisfy their needs.

TikTok had a growth rate of around 105% in recent years. This is the reason whenever you open up the app, you see a lot of brand ads and products being promoted. This is social media marketing and it has a positive impact on small businesses who want to grow exponentially. 


Since many of the big companies don’t have the time to do digital marketing by themselves, they hire agencies like Rubbics to do the digital marketing for them.

These agencies use marketing strategies with new technology integrated so that they are fast and efficient in engaging the audience.

Other than that, these agencies also provide the services of web development and web design to make the brand website more user-interactive and engaging. This strategy increases the visitor retention time which helps in increasing the brand’s sales.


Nowadays, most brands have shifted online and they heavily rely on digital marketing for their sales. Some other companies that use digital marketing to gain a customer base are restaurants, digital marketing agencies and retailers.

Unlock the door of opportunities by incorporating digital marketing in your brand with the services of Rubbics, the best digital marketing agency, trusted by millions.

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