Digital Marketing Is Growing

Why Digital Marketing Is Growing?

The business and brands all over the world are majorly dependent on promotions for their sales and exposure. There are many ways for brand promotion but recently digital marketing is all that brands use for promotion. In digital marketing, targeted promotional campaigns are used to attract an audience that could potentially be a customer.

Many people wonder why digital marketing is growing and yet they don’t know that it has revolutionized the advertisement process. From using newspapers and television for brand promotion to now using digital posters and eye-catching visuals for promoting a product, digital marketing has grown a lot.

With the increased use of social media, people are now very accessible to reach via social media marketing. It has been estimated that more than 47 million people in the US could be reached through Twitter ads. This means that digital marketing has become a prominent part of a business and a business model without it could be incomplete.

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7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Growing Rapidly

There are types of digital marketing that could be used for different business types. However, many other factors have helped digital marketing grow exponentially in the recent years. Some of them are as follows:

1. Increased Use Of Internet

This is an era of digitalization and almost every person out there owns an electronic device. Also, most of them use the social media platform. This means that many people are accessible through social media marketing which contributes to its use by the majority of the brands and businesses in the market.

There are more than 93% of the marketers that use Facebook. It is because there are billions of users of Facebook and they use it daily. Thus many brands use targeted ads on Facebook to engage with the audience and convert them into their customer.

1. Higher Accessibility

A decade ago, most of the marketing was done via newspapers and television. However, the thing to note is that not all people read newspapers daily. This means that the ads were a waste of money and resources. However, now every individual has a smartphone and they are easily accessible on it.

Moreover, most people make online purchases as it is convenient and fast. That is why many online businesses use the strategies of digital marketing for the promotion of their products all over the world.

2. Cost Effectiveness

The cost-effectiveness of digital marketing is one of many reasons why brands are using it. Using the traditional marketing could be very costly. Therefore, the use of digital marketing for getting market exposure has proven to be the best.

Digital marketing like social media marketing provides a better return on investment. The reason is that it targets the people who are more likely to be converted into a customer. This saves a brand not only its resources but also the cost of promotions.

3. Personalization

Many businesses use personalized ads according to their target audience and consumer behaviour. This is possible only through digital marketing. It could be done according to the preferences of business owners within a limited budget. This is why digital marketing has been growing at a faster rate for the past years.

In e-commerce, the brands sell their products via social media marketing and content marketing. It requires quite a decent amount of resources and creativity to make an ad that is eye-catching and influential for the customers. This is why people prefer to use digital marketing as it can do all these tasks easily.  

1. Consumer Behaviour

Due to the rapid growth of digital marketing, consumer behaviour has changed a lot during the past years. People now do proper research before buying a product online. It has given rise to more content marketing to provide as much information about products and services to the audience as possible.

Additionally, the convenience of online shopping has also enabled people to search for products online. Thus, brands use digital marketing to make ads related to their products or services that align with consumer behaviour and satisfy their needs.

2. Adaptive Technology

Another surprising thing that has positively impacted digital marketing is the use of new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. It has helped to integrate new things into digital marketing and make it more advanced and effective.

Many tasks in marketing are sometimes repetitive. However, the use of AI and machine learning has automated these tasks and saved time and resources for many business owners. That is why digital marketing is growing and helping brands build a good market image.

3. E-Commerce

Online shopping and the shift from online businesses to online stores have also contributed a lot to the growth of digital marketing. There is now a lot of competition among the brands in the market. Therefore they use different digital marketing strategies to satisfy the customer’s needs and help the brand stand out from their competitors in the market.

With digital marketing, most of the wholesale brands can get in direct contact with the online shoppers. It has built trust in digital marketing and its potential among many business owners and they rely on it the marketing purposes.

Why Digital Marketing Is Growing


Digital marketing has opened up a new dimension for brand, business and product promotion among all the social platforms and the online marketplace. The reasons why digital marketing is growing so fast are its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, higher effectiveness and adaptability.

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