Digital Advertising Examples

Successful digital marketing relies on capturing attention, engaging audiences, and inspiring meaningful actions from target consumers. To shed light on successful strategies and inspire marketers alike, this guide explores compelling Digital Advertising Examples that have made an indelible mark – such as innovative campaigns or strategic approaches that have fulfilled business goals through digital media advertising.

Digital Advertising Examples Case Studies: Inspiring Success Stories

Nike’s “Dream Crazy” Campaign:

Digital Advertising Examples 1

Nike launched their “Dream Crazy” commercial with activist Colin Kaepernick. This courageous step ignited conversations and emotions across social media channels while video ads amplified Nike’s message further. Aligning themselves with an important social cause, such as Colin’s activism, they not only strengthened brand identity, but they saw an upsurge in engagement and sales figures as well.

Keep in mind: Boldness and purpose Nike deepened its relationships with its audience and garnered more positive attention and sentiment by taking an assertive stand on an important social issue.

Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” Series:

Digital Advertising Example 2

Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” ad shows how user-generated material can interest customers.  They encouraged iPhone owners to submit photos and videos taken with their phones for submission; customers then uploaded these onto social media outlets where the campaign would show off its impressive capabilities while celebrating user creativity and reinforcing product quality with each submission made to this call-to-action campaign.

Key Takeaway: User Generated Content (UGC) – Apple allows the outstanding features of the iPhone to shine through in a way that inspires viewers and develops the brand as an industry leader in mobile technology. Use user-generated content and elite photographers and filmmakers to achieve this.

Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”:

Digital Advertising Example 3

An FBI-trained forensic artist helped Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” ad redefine beauty standards. The sketches’ stark differences showed women’s self-perception gaps. The campaign sparked body image and self-esteem conversations on social media.

Emotional resonance can produce lasting change, as shown by Dove’s relatable and shared campaign.

Burger King’s “Google Home of the Whopper”:

Digital Advertising Example 4

Burger King took an innovative and effective approach by employing technology for their “Google Home of the Whopper” campaign. A TV commercial featured actors voicing a question to Google Home devices, which then read Wikipedia information regarding Whopper sandwiches, creating buzz and showing its power of seamlessly connecting digital and physical experiences.

Key Takeaway: Innovation and Interactivity – Integrating new technologies and engaging interactions can set your campaign apart and pique audience curiosity.

Airbnb’s “We Accept” Super Bowl Ad:

Digital Advertising Example 5

Airbnb had very outstanding advertising during the Super Bowl in 2017, which was titled “We Accept.” This poignant commercial highlighted Airbnb hosts’ diversity and commitment to inclusivity. This was especially important during a period when social issues such as identity politics were at their peak. Airbnb’s message struck a chord with viewers, forming an inclusive sense of community and contributing to the development of feelings of acceptance among viewers.

Key Takeaway: Inclusive Messaging – Promoting inclusivity and diversity can boost brand image and reach a wide audience.

Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”:

Digital Advertising Example 6

Old Spice’s playful and quirky campaign featuring “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” played by Isaiah Mustafa, was an instantaneous success, captivating viewers worldwide with its quirky monologues in commercials as well as social media interactions that included customized responses tailored specifically for users’ videos – creating an unparalleled brand experience for users and creating something unforgettable in terms of brand value for Old Spice!

Key Takeaway: Humor and Interactivity – Funny content can be very shareable, while engaging elements, like personalized responses from readers, can deepen engagement.


These Digital Advertising Examples showcase brands’ various strategies and approaches to make an impactful statement online. From taking bold stances on social issues to tapping user-generated content and humor. These success stories provide marketers looking to hone their digital advertising game valuable insight.

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