How Digital Marketing Is Different From Traditional Marketing

How Digital Marketing Is Different From Traditional Marketing?

Digital and traditional marketing both contribute significantly to the promotion of various brands. Through various social media channels and marketing techniques, the brand uses digital marketing to reach its target demographic. These people then see the products, evaluate them and then ultimately become a potential customers.

Various marketing strategies can be employed based on the brand’s speciality. Nonetheless, traditional marketing and digital marketing are the two primary forms of marketing. Traditional marketing has been used for many years, however, digital marketing is a relatively new tactic for marketing in an ingenious yet successful way.

Traditional marketing uses conventional media, such as radio, television, newspapers, and magazines, for the majority of its promotions. Conversely, digital marketing advertises their items to a global audience through electronic advertisements and social media platforms.

If a brand owner knows how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing, then they would be able to use the right one at the right place. This article is a must-read if you want to know the difference between these two marketings and their uses in the industry.

Why And Why Not Use Traditional Marketing?

Using traditional marketing depends solely on your target audience. This is because people aged above 50 years spend most of their time reading the newspapers. Thus, using traditional marketing to reach them would be the best choice as compared to digital marketing.

Most of the businesses and brands out there in the market are shifting online. That is why it is important to spread a business across the local audience through billboards, posters and magazines. This could be the best way to reach the audience if your business is offline.

Apart from the benefits of using traditional marketing for brand promotion, there are also some disadvantages to use. Traditional marketing could be very costly for new businesses and doesn’t guarantee that the reader will be a potential customer or not. Also, tracking the results and insights from traditional marketing could be time-consuming until any customer contacts the brand.

5 Key Differences Between Traditional And Digital Marketing

If a brand is new to the market and does not know the difference between digital and traditional marketing, it may find it difficult to choose the right approach. As a result, the following lists some of the most important differences between traditional and digital marketing:

  1. Medium For Promotion

The medium of promotion used by both digital marketing and traditional marketing are different. Product and brand ads are spread across the audience through newspapers, radio and television by traditional marketing. On the other hand, digital marketing uses digital platforms and technologies to reach a wider audience.

It is estimated that more than 61% of users visit a business or a brand online if their website is mobile-friendly. With the help of agencies like Rubbics, a brand can get customized websites with optimized content which ensures a good audience reach and google ranking.

  1. Audience Reach

In traditional marketing, the promotional ads for a product or a brand are displayed on billboards and they are seen by people who don’t even have an interest in that product. This means that traditional marketing reaches a wider scope of audience.

However, by using digital marketing a brand can do targeted marketing campaigns to reach the targeted audience. This way ads are shown to the people who have an interest in the business or its services. It increases lead generation and ultimately increases the brand ROI.

  1. Cost

If there is a new brand in the market with a limited budget, it would prefer to use digital marketing over traditional marketing. It is because traditional marketing could be costly as it requires advertisements on popular television programs or newspapers that could demand absurd amounts of money.

Using digital marketing could be beneficial for the brand as it could be optimized for the best efficiency. The analytics of digital marketing could be tracked and analyzed. Thus, knowing how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing could not only save you money but also resources.

  1. Adaptability

Suppose a certain brand has made 1000 posters for their brand and later found out that there was a little issue and they have to do it all. It could be time-consuming and would cost a lot of money. On the other hand, if the brand is using digital marketing, then it could simply edit the ad and automate it.

Moreover, traditional marketing is less flexible and last-minute changes are not possible as it requires months of planning before the execution. Digital marketing is adaptable and you could evaluate it and change it according to the current market trends by seeing the insights and tracking its performance.

  1. Tracking

Traditional marketing is very hard to evaluate and it could be challenging to track its performance. It is possible only by seeing how many people are approaching the brand after seeing the ad. Therefore, it is not suitable for many of the online businesses that have to adapt to the changes in the market.

But in digital marketing, 97 billion searches occur on the internet daily and it is easy to track the visibility and performance of your marketing campaign. Digital marketing is the best to use if you want to reach an audience far from your geographic location within a short interval of time.


How Digital Marketing Is Different From Traditional Marketing


Both digital and traditional marketing have their uses in different cases. However, understanding how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing could help you evaluate what works best for your brand or business. Traditional marketing suits best local offline businesses while digital marketing can be used for the new online businesses to reach a wider audience.

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